Arenas Sur Olimpics Proyect & Activities

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Arenas Sur Olimpics Proyect & Activities


Our students participate in this event that allows us to have a glance to the history of Humankind, Literacy, History o Climate Change. We are proud of this real "out of the classroom teaching methotd" to encourage studend on  commitment, as always in a pedagogic, dynamic and artistic way. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the difficulties that we may encounter with this transdisciplinary event, and that allow us to educate out of classrooms creating moments of excitement, effort, collaboration and creativity. This great work is reflected on the displays done every year by our students, and that you can see it in the gallery of the school website or main entrance of school. The event, only for students and parents, ends up with the lighting of the Olympic torch and it makes way for a week with sports and cultural activities. 

 Do you want to know what is about this year ?  It have to  be with Jules Verne´s Legacy. 


Programme of all events during the Olympic, including  a open UNICEF Charity Race y Parque Sur, are  published in the noticeboards as well as uploaded into the school website, a new and dynamic way of communication .


Again we celebrate parents collaboration.

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