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Gabinete de Orientación



Our Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling is formed by an educational psychologist,  a Special Educational Needs coordinator (SENCo) and a counselor.

Our role is to provide information, advice, guidance and support to families and students on all aspects related to education; ensuring the development of each student’s full potential through individualizing the learning process.

We are available to listen to any worries or concerns you may have with regards to student's behaviour, learning or welfare by offering a confidential and impartial service.


 Our psycho-pedagogical cabinet develops different interesting topics for families through workshops or individual appointments in their offices every school year with the help of their team members.


Our school psycho-pedagogical Cabinet, in collaboration with teachers and parents working together in developing and optimizing individual capabilities as well as in detecting possible learning difficulties. The collaboration with the school and families through tutoring is the main basis to achieve the objectives of our Educational Project. Everybody’s active cooperation is needed to recognize, promote and guide our students’ efforts and achievements.