Early Years

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Early Years

The School’s ethos is shaped by its educational methodology. Colegio Arenas Sur International Schools offer a broad and rich programme of studies and activities including an emphasis on academic excellence, foreign languages and both sporting and artistic pursuits. The schools also foster a dynamic and stimulating cultural life with many extracurricular events. The educational programme also focuses on encouraging children to know than the strict boundaries of each subject and appreciate the implications of learning about various aspects of life through practical and participative activities in which the students learn by doing.

 The schools rely on specialized staff for sport, art, music, ICT and the core subjects of the curriculum.

 The teacher/mentors perform the vital role of communicating between the school, individual pupils and their families. Each pupil is given individual attention and families receive regular information about the progress and performance of their children at school and this constant monitoring ensures pupils reach their full potential.

 Bilingual Education

 The School offers a dual programme of studies in both languages: English and Spanish, and have pioneered since 1970s in incorporating modern languages from Early Years.Students leave with an excellent working knowledge of English and academic groundings fully compliant with the official Spanish curriculum. 

  • English:Year 2  
  • Deutsche: Year 4
  • Chinese: Year 5 to 13

The English Department is made up of native teachers, qualified bilingual teachers and has developed its own methodology adapted to age and academic ability

  • Year 5 Graduation
  • Specific facilities
  • Year 2 classroom
  • We have all levels at San Agustín - Maspalomas
  • Summer Camp ( 2 years old )