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As every year, sixth grade ( 6º Primaria ) has been to Sulis Manor, Bath, England. Thies experiental learning is the opportunity to improve our English and enjoy. Many activities have been done Thanks to our teachers, Silvia, Peter & Lisa

 inclouding Open Bus to the city, and  a a amazing visit to RomanBath  Everything after our breakfast & EnglishLanguage lessons.



Teacher: Karima Learning by Doing  

7th June: The trip started with the first anecdote as a boy trying to flight with the wrong passport. Thanks to his mum’s speedy action he managed to get on the plane literally in the last minute. All the students arrived safely and had a good first evening with their host families.

8th June: visit to Cork City Gaol and Museum. The students enjoyed learning about the past in the interactive museum that featured life size “statues” or wax dolls in different settings relating to the daily activity of a prison in those days.


Karima also took the opportunity to have a little moment of reflection with the students about how they are finding the trip so far and what they thought of the prison experience.

Fresh news from Ireland: Today our lovely group of students and their teacher Karima are visiting Kilkenny Castle joining learning with cultural fun, while still struggling a bit to fully understand the Irish accen

There is nothing quite like learning directly on site and this is something our group of students from 1 ESO are experiencing first hand at the Cork City Gaol that they visit.


This is a great trip and experience. Students  activieties are organiced by the residence are focused on promoting them to share good moments and became better friends.

Most of them achieve level A2  after to weeks of dayly lessons ( after a normal school year german planning: 3- 4hours a week starting at Year 4) 



Pupils can enjoy bilingüal activities. Teatre, Rock Bands , korfball, cheese giant games, football 7, gymkanas... storytelling and other moments Learning, enjoying and growing up together away from the classrooms


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