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During this school year communication with families will be by phone, mail, messages or video call and telematic procedures will be facilitated. Families may enter the school building only in case of need, always complying with prevention and hygiene measures and, in no case, if they present any symptom compatible with COVID-19.

 Remind and enforce measures already informed about Security and Hygiene Protocols; and give information about recurrent issues or questions sent by the families and worth to be shared due its nature.

At the end of the attached Information Letter, you will find a list of documents that extends and details the procedures. 


Any confirmed case must remain at home in isolation as referred to in the COVID-19 Surveillance, Diagnosis and Control Strategy.

 ●         Cualquier caso confirmado deberá permanecer en su domicilio en aislamiento según se refiere en la Estrategia de Vigilancia, diagnóstico y control de COVID-19.


   We encourage you to ask for an appointment if you still have doubts or any specific query.  The COVID Team carries out weekly meetings to check and monitor cleaning measures and procedures; send relevant information to employees, teachers, services staff, administration staff and suppliers; and, if necessary, identify and share notices about possible risk situations. Thus, we are permanently assessing measures to be taken and those will be revised again when there is a new reconsideration of the actual measures taken for the current alert level in Gran Canaria.  As COVID responsible and in collaboration with all the school management, we are committed to be transparent and to inform you obviously ensuring the prescriptive limitations imposed by law. For further information, you can directly write an e-mail to

Schooling in Arenas is presential (face to face) mode .  Staggering measures will be established for the entry and exit of students, as well as our reevaluated Protocolos ISO9001, to minimize risk and improves prevention from last year. The schedules are reported in the next point. At the entrance and inside the center there are spaces for hand hygiene (either washed with water or an alcohol-based product) and where to continue frequent hand hygiene throughout the day. There is abundant signaling for the transit of the students.

Instructions for ARENAS SCHOOL - 

 .   Contingency, Lockdown and Back to School Protocols.

   In this section, we include information about the school procedure after a confirmed case is detected. We would like to clarify that we also consider information about suspicious cases (i.e. confirmed by a Public Health PCR test or by authorized hospitals for tracing analysis) notified by parents or guardians, so the operation for contact identification and extra measures is brought forward.


Identification of Close Contacts in Children Without Mask


-Criteria set for the definition of close contact in the school:

 Information drawn from the Health Promotion regulation.

You are a close contact if:

- You have given cares (for example, hygiene and food care) to a positive, you are a household member, or you have had any other physical contact with a positive.

- Communitywide, you have been in the same place that a positive to a distance below 1.5-2 metres* during more than 15 minutes. 

* Prevention and Health Promotion Services carry out a research and case detection in environments in which an assessment of the performance of the prevention measures has been made (venting, hand wash and routines). 

- In means of transport, you are placed within two seats of a positive.

- You are part of the school team (teacher or any other employee) and you have shared space with a positive at a distance <2 metres with an inadequate use of your mask during more than 15 minutes.


¿When should you make a PCR test if you are a student and have a positive COVID-19 classmate?


Hereby, you can find attached general information for peace of mind. Please, note that this information may vary depending on the alert level: There can be cases of employees or students that despite not having close contact* with a confirmed positive may be under monitoring (by the Health Promotion Team; Tracing Teams) to determine if they change their status to close contact. This procedure will be determined by the tracers attending to routines, type of mask used..., or, in the case of teachers, attending to the time spent with children under 5 years old that use no mask, etc.


We kindly remind that, once somebody is designed as close contact, the Primary Care Service is the responsible of informing and establishing the date for the PCR test, determining the compulsory lockdown period as well.




  •  Infant and Primary E.: September 9th during:

  - Infantil ( Y1 to Y5 and PRIMARY 1st and 2nd E.P. from 09.00 to 16.00.


 - 3rd to 6th E.P. from 08.45 to 15.45 h THROUGH THE RED COURT, (puerta grande de cancha roja principal) 


  • Secondary and Bachelor, September 10   

Entrance 1st and 2nd ESO at 08:30  am
Exit   16.00 pm 
Entrance and exit will be done at the FOOTBALL FIELD 


Do you want to know more? At the Arenas Educational Community center we invite families to get up close to our services. We invite you to participate in their quality and make an appointment AFTER AUGUST 27th.

 Remember: during this school year communication with families ( tutorías)  will be by phone or video call and telematic.  Procedures will  be facilitated mostly IN SPANISH . Families may enter the school building only in case of need, always complying with prevention and hygiene measuresand, in no case, if they present any symptom compatible with COVID-19